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History in Books

This book, an early history of Columbia County, is an amazing documentation of life in this part of Pennsylvania from the late 1700’s onward to the 1880’s.  This homestead, ‘Cabin Run Farm’, circa 1779, through to the construction of ‘Aikman House’, circa 1869, is played out in ‘The History of Columbia County’ through timeline biographies of the Aikman family.

One hundred and thirty three years looks pretty good on this rare and beautiful leather bound book. Beside it, the biography of Levi Aikman, the grandson of the man who came from Europe and founded ‘Cabin Run Farm’, illustrates how he was born on this land and left the farm in 1869, only for a short while, to build ‘Aikman House’. His home remained in his family until around 1945. Only three separate families have owned this property since 1945.