Image Journal

The Historic and Beneficial Berm

Not unlike a ‘moat’, which surrounds and stands guard over a castle, Cabin Run Farm and Aikman House has it very own ‘berm’ which stands guard as a protective shield from any natural water runoff, keeping both ‘high and dry’!  According to Kernel Nation, a community of people who support corn farmers and corn farming in Minnesota, ‘farmers live on the land they work and recognize the value of protecting our soil, water, and air resources.’  Farmers are usually committed to conservation and a ‘berm’ is one of the most common practices used by farmers to care for our soil and water.  Berms serve several functions and one is directing drainage.  As stated by Kernel Nation, ‘natural water flowing down a slope collects in front of the ‘berm’ instead of gaining speed and creating a washout beyond the berm.’

Our berm has been protecting this house and property for more like a century, than for decades.  The images are of the long standing berm, newly excavated to a work of art, after having been breached and damaged by local farm equipment.  The berm once again stands ready to continue the amazing conservation work of diverting natural runoff away from this storied property.   Government papers, which protect this berm and its existence, will be passed on to the next proprietors.  The images shown here are of the final process of seeding.  This fascinating project was professionally brought to a beautiful and functioning conclusion right here on Cabin Run Farm…where everything old is new again!