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I want my home to be that kind of place – a place of sustenance, a place of invitation, a place of welcome.

Mary DeMuth

Pertinent Contact Information

For the sale of Cabin Run Farm and Aikman House
Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania

We greatly appreciate your time spent visiting our ‘FOR SALE BY OWNER’ website! For additional information on the offering of this property and home, please contact us by the following methods:

By leaving a phone message, or sending an email, with your name and contact information included, you have become a priority to us and it will be our pleasure to contact you at our earliest opportunity or according to your instructions.

Offered below appraised value: $699,000.00

The property known as Cabin Run Farm and Aikman House is one of the ‘gems’ of Columbia County, Pennsylvania. We are pleased you are here and should you so desire, we would be honored to discuss with you any further information you feel is necessary, as you contemplate your next home.

This sale offers the buyer a rare opportunity to join only four families since 1779 in the ownership of this unique and versatile property. As recorded in its history, owners of Cabin Run Farm tend to linger for lengthy periods of time. It is not only an inviting home and property; it has a sense of comfort and warmth, which seems to never go unnoticed by family, friends, and acquaintances alike.

The first family to live on this property stayed for 166 years. The second family resided here for 33 years and the third family enjoyed life on Cabin Run Farm for 19 years. We have been the owners and caretakers of our home, this amazing place, for 23 years. Our heartfelt wish is for this home and land to be passed on to another family who will savor its history and continue to bring new life and ideas to its existence.

With the onset of the Covid 19 epidemic, creative ways are in order for the safety of homeowners and potential buyers, alike. If you are interested in viewing the property in person, we invite you to call or contact us as noted above. Should you wish to visit this amazing one of a kind place, we would be pleased to have a discussion while we consider a safe course to follow.

All considerations for safety offered by the CDC and the State of Pennsylvania will be observed. This property is under constant surveillance, both interior and exterior, and is serviced by ADT security systems. Should the opportunity present itself to tour the property and home, the following information and actions will be requested by the home owners:

A. All interested parties must be preapproved by their financial institution. A document must be sent prior to viewing the property. All information will be held in strict confidence. This information may be sent to the homeowners or to the offices of their legal representation.

B. Temperatures will be taken by a non-contact thermometer.

C. New mask, new gloves, and new shoe covers will be supplied.

D. The above information will be assessed at the time of the appointment and if prudent, a tour will be given. At that time, those viewing the property will be required to sign a guest registry. No more than two persons will be allowed on a house tour. A picture I.D. will be required prior to the house and property tour.

E. As circumstances change with Covid 19, the procedures and requests pertaining to visiting and viewing the property will change accordingly.

F. At the time a request to view the property is received, an email or text will be forwarded with any and all requirements. A time and date will be discussed and scheduled as conveniently as possible for the prospective buyer/s.

We appreciate your interest in this most gracious and unique home and property. Aikman House has been gently and completely restored without disturbing its sensibilities. This property awaits its fifth owner as a ‘work from home’ opportunity or a family retreat. With the pool, pond, and outbuildings, endless possibilities abound.