The Grounds at Cabin Run Farm

Eight Acres of Seasonal Beauty

An allee of ‘pin oak’ trees, gorgeous and mature evergreens, magnificent magnolias, a varied collection of hostas, numerous varieties of boxwoods, perennials, and most importantly, a large and substantial planting of black walnut trees all combine to make the acreage of Cabin Run Farm more like visiting an arboretum or park than walking in and around your own private property.

The original farm’s infamous ‘berm’ is lined with its own significant planting of black walnut trees. These hardy trees with their deep roots are perfection along the historic and functioning ‘berm’. We lovingly call this stand of walnut trees, ‘Walnut Grove’.

Perennial beds are found accenting the driveway and the main house. Daylilies, hostas, roses, and other plantings make for a lovely view from the kitchen window, the lanai, or just taking a stroll around the grounds. Large white pine trees line a portion of the front yard, creating a barrier from the road frontage.

Decorating for the holidays brings an opportunity to ‘cut’ your own fresh greenery from the many plantings. Decorating the historic mantel piece or finding any occasion to accent the house with welcoming signs of the season, using fresh cut greens or magnolia leaves, is just a few steps from the back door. Mature holly bushes are found dotted around the property and the prickly branches make perfect cuttings to bring indoors for the holiday season, as well.

The special trees planted on the grounds bring the beauty of their flowers in the spring and the burst of fall colors in the fall, just as the air turns brisk. A few of the specific trees planted on Cabin Run Farm are weeping willows, sugar maple, crimson king maples, autumn blaze maples, silver tipped sweet gum, and flowering crab apple trees.

Whether spring, summer, fall, or winter; the grounds at Cabin Run Farm are filled with the beauty of the seasons.


  • Allee of trees – An allee is a walkway or path lined with trees of the same species.
  • Berm – A ridge or embankment.