The Spring

The Freshwater Spring: The Crowning Jewel of Cabin Run Farm

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water

W. H. Auden

Here at Aikman House, drinking water is plentiful and has been since the earliest recorded dates of this property. Cabin Run Farm, a young untamed parcel of land before the end of the Revoluntary War, became a sustainable and working farm for centuries to come, due in large part to the incredibly intelligent farmers who emigrated from Europe. They brought with them the knowledge of how to locate and establish a lasting homestead. History records that in the earliest days, these brave pioneers found their land, established a water source, located their home close to the water source, and formed their land to protect their life sustaining water and their precious home, while providing for crop land and essential livestock.

Such procedures are most likely how the Aikman family established their homestead in 1779, known since that time as Cabin Run Farm. Only four bloodlines have ever lived on this property and all have enjoyed the abundance of their very own, private natural spring water. This fine spring water has bubbled to the surface for centuries at Cabin Run Farm and recollections of this infamous spring can be found in recorded passages pertaining to the early days of this area.

The original Aikman family is credited with the construction of the sophisticated stacked stone springhouse, which has stood the test of time. Research from the National Park Service reveals that springhouses of this type were constructed in Pennsylvania between the dates of 1840 and 1860.

The stone structure has been completely restored by the present owners and water runs through its troughs today, as it did when the structure was utilitarian. The spring and springhouse are under continuous monitored surveillance. Upon purchase of the property, the next proprietors will receive additional interesting and historical information pertaining to the spring house, which is not publicly available. Rumor has it that the springhouse could possibly have been used during the ‘Underground Railroad’ period.

The clay-based pond, which is stocked with fish of several species, was installed by the first owners to purchase Cabin Run Farm from the original Aikman family. Accounts have the time of the pond’s completion to have been in the 1960s. The pond is located at the back of the springhouse.

Not only have the various owners of this property enjoyed dependable and constant life sustaining spring water, but once the pond was installed in the 1960s, the families have also enjoyed the opportunity to fish on their own property at a moment’s notice. When the cold of winter allowed, many area generations still recount the joy of ice skating on the frozen surface of this ample pond.

The unique club of proprietors have been privileged to an abundance of spring water, no matter what life brings on a day to day basis. This historic and valuable real estate sits atop a large and noted aquifer in Pennsylvania and the water supply is flowing day and night to sustain life on this storied property.

Twenty-two years ago, in an effort to bring the water supply to Aikman House into the twentieth century, the present owners installed state of the art water treatment equipment dedicated to the purity and safety of the property’s spring water. The installed system includes ultraviolet and ozone purification systems, as well as a water softener and PH control systems. These systems have been meticulously maintained and have been in continual use since that time. Over a long period of time, family and friends at Aikman House have continued to enjoy the blessings of an abundance of natural spring water.

As a side note of interest; many visitors have pronounced that no finer water could be used to make the best tasting southern sweet tea in Pennsylvania!